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WordPress and PHP: hand in hand


A website is the need of the hour for every business. To get recognition and to reach the zenith of success, every business needs a website. WordPress is here just for that. It is said to be the most popular, easiest and effective website management and blogging system present and in use in web development and design. WordPress itself is made up of php and MySQL.So, in learning wordpress structure and core coding components, php is a must know for all.

Let’s say you already have a wordpress website. You are very happy with it and its functionalities now. But now let’s take a leap forward in time and think about future scenario. Due to everyday advancements and innovations, everything is changing rapidly, and with time, in the light of developed scenario you want to make a few advancements as well in your good old wordpress website or blogging website.

As wordpress follows a plugin architechture, there are thousands of plugins available, serving numerous purposes. So naturally you will turn to plugins for you custom advancement.Now comes the tricky part. Many a times you will find that, the particular plugin that you will need to perform your specific task is in lacking or not present at all. As plugins are made for general use, it’s highly likely that there are no plugins available for catering to your specific requirement. Also with time you would want to change the theme of your website, if not completely change, you would want to tweak the design and make some changes here and there.

To do this you need to have little knowledge of php as the themes as well as plugins are made from php language.

Php is revered among programmers for its smoothness. It’s server side scripting language and is considered the best scripting language among other programming languages implemented in web design and development.Facebook itself is made in php and we all revere the smoothness and high functionality of facebook pages. Also php is a lightweight scripting language which doesn’t make your website heavy and thus making it easier to load and taking less time while doing it.

So as we can see that php and wordpress really go hand in hand and they complement each other thus amalgamating to form a perfect wordpress website.


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