Windows or Linux – which operating system should you choose for VPS hosting


Choosing between Windows or Linux can be a tough job for VPS hosting. There are a lot of prominent differences that exist between the two options some of which are outlined below.

  1. Operating System

It is one of the most essential criteria to look into for VPS hosting. The differences in the user interface are the most prominent features. The switching from Windows to Linux is shocking for the first timers and booting into the command line of Linux is quite new to them. The functions and syntax through the command lines of Linux is nothing that compared to the simple click menus of Windows. The Linux team is offered with a lot of GUI choices whereas the Windows offers a better interaction with the operating system as a whole rather than depending on a tool like cPanel for installing and updating the software, database installation and email server management. But mitigation of this concern is possible by using a Linux administration although the knowledge of configuring the different software pieces through command line is a lot more than the majority of users are willing to go through.

  1. Use cases

One of the common reasons for the demand for VPS hosting is to set up a personal or business website including blogs, e-commerce sites, and online portfolio. Though Windows is inferior to Linux in terms of shared hosting, things are another way around for VPS. This because of the hosting tolls in Linux such as Confixx or cPanel. It works to provide the users with a simplified web interface for installing the platforms of microblogging, CMS and databases. It also provides multiple interfaces to configure email addresses. If situations demand, it can also manage software packages automatically and the list includes FTP, PHP, Apache, and MySQL. It is more ideal for beginners as it helps to remove some of the additional steps involved in the process of server configuration and management. Windows server has more recognition in the large environments of the corporate world and is often used as an Exchange or Sharepoint server. Windows is an obvious choice for anyone who wishes to use the options of Microsoft software.

  1. Dev tools and Control Panel

cPanel is known to be the standard of administration tools for small web servers. This popular panel of hosting management permits the clients to install all kinds of software varieties through a simple UI. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other applications offer the feature of one-click installation along with automatic security patches. This usability allows even the basic users to be able to create blogs, websites, wiki pages, and bulletin boards without any difficulty. Windows can offer similar benefits of managing MySQL, PHP configuration and database management through Plesk. It can be used to work with the Windows varieties of the mentioned stacks. If you have the required knowledge and skills, Plesk can also be used for Git, Docker and multiple other security extensions.

  1. 3Ds – Database, domain, disk space

Maintenance of multiple domains is easier using cPanel. It is also beneficial to manage disk spaces for the same via a singular host. It allows the users to idealize space allocation for the clients on the basis of contract and demands. The worldwide standard for web developers is MySQL but for anyone belonging to a corporate background would prefer MSSQL more for the development of internal sites. But VPS web hosting companies are more comfortable to work on Linux for web applications such as CMS, microblogs, wikis, etc. The combination of multiple tools and auto updates makes it a top choice among the developers.

  1. Security and reliability

The recent cyber attacks are more common on Windows servers though Microsoft is trying their best. Linux VPS hosting is less vulnerable to these risks. Also, Linux is known to be more reliable. We can find a lot of Linux based servers that have been working for years without the requirement for a reboot. The same can never be expected for the web servers running on Windows. Also, it is tough to breach through the security of Linux VPS hosting.

  1. Technical support

It is one of the most essential points to consider while choosing the operating system for web hosting. Depending on your circle, you can find a lot of people who use Windows and can offer you solutions to your technical issues. But the usage of Linux is not that widespread due to its added complexity. But you can find local communities who use Linux. The support from the technical team of Windows and Linux itself for the problems you may face can more or less be the same but you must have sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to solve the Linux issues.

In terms of cost, Linux leads the race. The environment change rate of Linux is slow and most of the Linux VPS are still running on the same hardware which was used a decade ago to configure on. Though there are certain distributions of Linux that are paid, the OS in itself is free. We all know the costs related to Windows and how it has continually been on the rise.

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