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Why you should give Codeigniter a serious consideration for your next project?


CodeIgniter has long stayed in the shadows of custom PHP and has its name uttered by fans only. It is time that you finally get acquainted with it. It will only empower you to create a web development project a lot quicker than you could in a much better way than you could.

In the event that you were composing code for web development without any preparation, CodeIgniter exter your coding abilities by giving a rich arrangement of libraries for normally required errands, just as a basic interface and legitimate structure to get to these libraries. CodeIgniter lets you inventively center around your undertaking by limiting the measure of code required for a given assignment.

Almost Zero Configuration

In Codeigniter, we don’t need to stress over classes and arrangements. We will just need to download most recent rendition from that point site and subsequent to unfastening and setting up not many things you are all set.

The framework/envelope contains all libraries and classes which we can include and use in our application.

MVC Structure

Codeigniter is an MVC based system so this is best structure to web development. Each solicitation comes to the controller and playing out any database association however Model, hard and fast put goes to View for the final product. Whereas, in custom PHP each single page fills in as MVC where we can see so a lot of multifaceted nature.

No PHP Version Conflicts

In custom PHP improvement, everything is open and straightforwardly utilized. So its difficult to go into hundred of documents and change every one of those old capacities which are currently deteriorated. Be that as it may, in utilizing a structure we dont need to stress over rendition clashes. Since each capacity comes in the wrapper and a designer ought not to be stress over fixing such issue yet a fresher rendition of structure will be one stage answer for this.

Worked in Libraries and Helpers

The one of the extraordinary advantage of utilizing Codeigniter is its rich arrangement of libraries and aides which goes in close vicinity to download. You simply need to add them to your controllers and models to get instate. Codeigniter has a lot of such generally utilized classes that spare our part of the time.

Simple Error Handling

Mistake taking care of has never been so natural and straightforward. In custom advancement, it’s difficult to monitor bugs and discover them. Our entire application can be upset if the site has experienced an issue in code. Whereas, in Codeigniter, we have achieved with a standard Error Handling procedure which controls the blunders and report the disappointment at least level.

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