Why voice search is the new thing to optimize in 2019?


Technology has been constantly walking towards the path of innovation. In the field of mobile technology, the use of voice assistants is one of the most significant progressions in recent times. More mobile users are developing a dependence on the use of Siri and Google Assistants with each passing day. Market studies have also come up with facts that over 50% of mobile device users would be depending on the voice search assistants to submit their queries.

Some of the main reasons that have brought in an increased demand for voice search optimization in 2019 include:

  • Speaking is easier than typing

It might often be the case that your potential customer has just remembered something and wants to search about it when they are on the bus or somewhere where their hands may be busy. Typing out the query in such a position can be a tedious task and they prefer to go for voice search instead. If your product or service website is not optimized for voice searches, there are high chances that you will be losing the competition.

  • It helps to save time

Not only voice search is easier, but time-saving as well. Tapping one button to speak out the query is far efficient than physically typing out the words. It helps the users to cope with their busy lifestyle and continuously find the answer to their queries and find your business if it is relevant to their query on the go irrespective of how busy or how occupied their hands may be.

  • People prefer to make a search in their native language

The ability to make a search query in the users’ native language is one of the most attracting feature that voice search assistant provides you with. Anyone would prefer this comfort, thus making it a must for website owners to optimize their contents for voice search if they wish to attract maximum traffic from all sources.

  • It is the new trend for local SEO

Local SEO is a must for most local businesses to beat the competitive market and voice search optimization is considered to be one of the best approaches for the same. This is because local SEO is bent towards presenting relevant product, services or businesses as per the search query rather than presenting contents. In other terms, it is almost the same principle as that of voice search results. It helps the local clients to know of your physical presence and ways to get in touch with you.

  • Google Home devices are in increased demands

Voice search has also infiltrated the field of entertainment and increased counts of Home Devices are being purchased on a daily basis. What can be better ways to access those devices than voice commands? Thus optimizing entertainment content pages for voice search results has also earned an added recognition.

As the days pass by, voice search would become even more widespread and thus it is necessary to start preparing for the same to avoid later rush.

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