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Top Design trends to watch out for in 2018


In recent years the web has become an entity in itself. An entity which is evolving along with its many facets. Among these facets, web design is a prominent one, and it’s evolving, that too at a very fast pace. Trends that were dominating the market in the previous years, are on the passing now. Gone are the days of garish colors where the website itself were a canvas for sudden urges creativity in the designers part where they would cram up the webpage with fancy colors and images. Now is the time of minimalist design where the user is looking for a more personal, relevant and interactive user experience.

Below are listed some design trends that is ruling the web sphere in 2018:-

Responsive Design

Responsive design is something which is here to stay. Wherever we shift our gaze we will see people, young and old alike, straining their necks, looking constantly at their smart phones. They access the web only in their mobile or tablets. And their numbers are only going up. So all new age website has to responsive. That is the need of the hour and the market. Like in Tolkien’s  ,one ring to rule them all, designers and developers alike must come up with ,one content that will fit in all.

Bold and Precise Typography

Typography is getting bigger and bolder.Precise, concise and to the point that is new mantra. Why write entire descriptions of products or information when clever & precise words which will also appeal to the wits will suffice. They contribute to the entire minimalistic themes of new age websites

Old school retro look

Nostalgia always catches up. We can’t just let it go. Be it vintage typography or old school images with grainy effects, websites with retro look is in right now.Websites are heavily influenced by these trends nowadays and it’s truly catching up.

Vibrant colors with duotones

Colors are an essential part of web designing. More so nowadays as designers are coming up with new color tones that are vibrant and mellow at the same time. New color schemes which are amalgamations of dual color tones, hence duotones, which gives the user a feel of warmth. Gradients are also making a comeback.

Minimalist design ,the card way

The force behind the new and emerging trends is the minimalist design. And what better to represent the new age minimalist design, other than cards. Made popular by Pinterest, cards are pieces of content are broken down into individual blocks which the user is able to navigate through.

With evolving technology and tastes, these trends are sure to rule the web space for a long time to come.


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