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Top 13 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for your Web Design Process


SEO services are one of the greatest ways of generating organic leads for your business and boost profit margins. But there are certain web design mistakes that can set your business to back foot even with the best SEO services. Below mentioned are some of them.

  1. Obsolete web design

If the web design is obsolete, you can forget about the expectations you had while starting with the SEO services. This is because no user will like your website if things are not properly arranged. Even the smallest mistakes can be enough to attract their attention and bounce them off your website.

  1. Auto generated content

Auto generated contents are of poor quality. The readability of the contents are too less and can have disastrous impacts on SEO. If the contents are not readable, there is hardly any chance that your target audience will be sticking to your page for long. Also, you can forget about them being loyal to your service with poor quality contents published on your page.

  1. Lack of a search box

It is necessary for all search engine optimized websites to have a search box of their own. This is because having a prominent search box can help the users to find what they are looking for at a faster rate. The more easily they can find solution to what they need, more likely it is for them to stick around to your website.

  1. Lack of call-to-action button

In absence of a proper call to action button, your potential clients may simply not know what it is expected for them to do at a particular page. They might simply go back to your homepage or even bounce off to the website of your rival. If you want to gain the maximum conversion rates, then having a call-to-action button is one of the musts at your website.

  1. Irrelevant use of keywords

If the keywords used in the text contains are not relevant to what your website is all about, it can be a serious blowback to your online reputation. Though you may gain a lot of traffic initially, but there is hardly any chance for you to hold on to the crowd. Also, as more users come to know about the irrelevancy of your solutions to their problem, they are going to avoid your page in the future.

  1. Slow loading time

The 21st century is the generation of speed. No one likes slow things. One thing that can contribute to slow loading time for your website is the use of large images from the stock websites. This can be a serious blowback to your SEO as users generally lack the time and patience required to deal slow loading pages.

  1. Targeting wrong audience

Targeting the wrong demographics is one of the biggest mistakes that will neutralize your SEO benefits. You cannot expect good conversion rates if you do not focus on specific target audience and just do things for the general public. You cannot expect traffic generation from males for a female cosmetic item.

  1. Too many distractions

Having too many distractions on your website can be a back stab. This is because your readers will be carried away by these things. Even with the properly sorted rich contents you may not hold as much crowd as you are expected too if distractions convert your clients to other pages.

  1. Overuse of colors

While colors are one of the best ways to kill the monotone and boredom of websites, using too many can be disastrous. Whatever color you choose must be limited and go well with your content. Color has a psychological impact on readers and if you can use that to your benefit, then there is lot more to expect from it. For example, if you are a restaurant website owner, using red color can enhance hunger in your clients. But using a combination of too many colors can just confuse them.

  1. Poor navigation

If the website is not easily navigable, then you can forget about holding the crowd you generated through the SEO optimization. No one would love a website if they cannot navigate smoothly among what you have to offer.

  1. Unresponsive website

Responsive websites are the new trends. Most users on date prefer using their smartphone and tablet devices to check out websites as it is simply inconvenient to use their computers at all times. If the website is not responsive to using on other devices, it can be something that can bounce off your clients to your business rival.

  1. Improper text font size

It is necessary to pay attention to the text size used in the website design. If the font sizes are too big or too small, there is hardly any chance that your readers are going to like the contents. Also, it is just going to degrade the quality of even the best prepared contents if it is not properly arranged.

  1. Too many popups

If the web design offers too many popup screens, then it is less likely that your clients are going to stick to your website. Popup screens can be one of the most irritating distractions for any user to deal with. You must take steps to effectively reduce it to provide your clients with a better user-experience.

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