Top 5 pointers to think like Googlebot and boost technical SEO in 2019


Quality contents along with relevant link posting can help you achieve great results of your SEO campaigns. But if you tap into technical SEO, the power you can enjoy is truly amazing. The skills of using technical SEO are something that can help you in the long run. But first, you must know about Googlebot and how it thinks to master the technical SEO skills.

Googlebot – what is it?

Googlebot is the user agent that is responsible to collect data from the various website pages on the internet, similar to any other web crawler. Some of the other web crawling bots in the market include Bingbot (Bing), Slurp Bot (Yahoo), DuckDuckBot (DuckDuckGo), etc. But you must know how Google crawls the pages. It makes use of the sitemap for the purpose. But this is not enough for page rank. Using internal link helps the search engines to understand the relevance of the pages and identify the ones that are more valuable.

If you want to obtain the best results, you must optimize the pages for the Googlebot. Some of the ways that can help you think you like the web crawler ad boost your technical SEO include the use of:

  1. Xml

As mentioned already, the sitemap helps the Googlebot to know the purpose of the pages and understand its relevance to various search queries. Google uses the sitemap to know all the pages existing within a website. Users can also define the pages to crawl and the pages to be avoided in a well-designed sitemap.

  1. Canonicalization

Only one version of a particular webpage must be accessible at any point of time and the rest of the versions must be redirected canonically. If multiple versions are accessible, it can create a negative impression on Googlebot as it fails to realize which page is more relevant and should be crawled.

  1. Taxonomy of the URL

The URL plays an important factor in influencing the Googlebot behavior for a webpage. While using short URLs is something that Google advice to the users, including possible keywords in the URL technically can help you enjoy an added benefit in the results of your technical SEO methods.

  1. The loading speed of JavaScript

Despite the fact that static HTML pages make it easy to rank, Google has expressed an added preference for JavaScript enabled pages as it improves the user experience. But it must be used as minimally as possible as using too much JavaScript can increase the load time of the page and Googlebot would not accept it too brightly.

  1. Page titles and meta description

This helps the Googlebot to know what the page is all about and the kind of search queries that are associated with the content. Including a few of the keywords into the page title and meta description can give you a significant boost. But there are specific character limitations for these factors that must be followed.

Some of the other factors that you should consider as Googlebot include the robot.txt files, broken links, redirect loops, images, alt-texts, website speed, etc. Paying extra attention to these factors can help you achieve boosted results for your technical SEO applications.

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