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The latest Trends in Custom Web Development – the Top Five Options to Consider


Coming up with a customized website is one of the best choices to make for any business – be it a small startup or a major corporation in the market. This allows you to incorporate the latest trends of the digital market to your business and bring in better conversion rates and increased profit. Below mentioned are some of the latest trends of custom website development that you can look into to update your website.

  1. Push notification

This feature is similar to that of most of the latest mobile apps. It is one of the latest custom web development trends that have helped a lot of individuals to reach out to an extensive array of potential audience. It can benefit the strategies of online marketing to great extents. But overusing this feature can have negative impacts as too much of push notifications may cause your customers to turn it off. It is the best way to let your customers know about ongoing sales, special discount rates and other similar activities centered on the customers.

  1. Mobile friendly progressive web apps

Coming up with a responsive mobile friendly website has been a prime preference for over three years now since Google declared to provide the website with responsive designs  with an upper hand over those without it. But the arrival of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) has made things even easier for the native mobile sites and applications. This technology has been based on the evolution of the current internet and adopting the latest HTML 5 development. This allows you to provide the exact experience while using the flawless functionalities of the sites native to the platform.

Reports on market research has come up with the fact that the various e-commerce giants have been successful in establishing an increase in their regular conversion rates by over 70% in many cases after using the PWA technology.

  1. Blockchain technology

The infamous blockchain technology has been strictly on the rise. It is an ingenious development gifted to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto – the anonymous group or individual who invented Bitcoin. Primarily, it was developed for usage in digital currency only. But as time is passing by, it is finding more and more applications in other parts of the digital world as well. This technology has empowered the users with an ability to save their valuable information in multiple computers across varied locations in different parts of the world. The main motive of this technology is to reduce the count of intermediaries for any transacting thus working to reinforce the security and sage of the people to much greater extents. It has turned out to be one of the latest trends that the website developers are leveraging into their websites.

It is soon going to be a mandatory incorporation in most of the websites of banks and other organization to ensure the users with a better security for their stored data and safety in various transactions.

  1. Chat support

This feature has become more common over the past few months. While some depend on artificial intelligence and machine learning to come with a chat bot, some just use the age old system. You can just put up some customer service agents to provide your customers with the facility of online chat support. They can just talk to the customers using the built-in chat system on the website.

It is one of the best ways to pump up the conversion rates as you can interact with any visitor and instigate them more towards your products or services. Also, it is common for customers to wish to converse with a person in real before making a commitment to purchasing a product. Typically, it is more common for the young customers to make online purchases and they solely believe in conducting their own research. If you can aid them in the process and help them to compare similar products to make it easier for them on deciding which product to buy, you are more likely to convert your visitor into your customer. The best part about hiring chat agents is that you can provide your potential clients with a 24 hour service and not just limited to the regular hours of business.

  1. Asymmetric designs

It is the best way to bring in renovation to even the most boring pages on the web. It is nothing but one of the latest custom web development trends where the designer kills the monotony of looking over the same web design appearance repeatedly. It involves using new fonts for the texts and a system known as the ‘broken’ grids. Well, the broken grid is nothing but a simple grid developed with asymmetrical designing. It is more common among the leading websites dealing in clothing and accessories and for the websites that are purely dedicated for the youth range of target audience.

The best part of updating the designs of the website is that you are allowed to try out multiple creative ideas until you finally find the one that best suits your business. You do not require to hire a full time web developer as your in-house manpower but can simply refer to any of the reputed companies dealing in website designing projects.

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