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Some UI/UX  development trends to look out for at 2020


UI/UX is something that everyone is talking nowadays. People who want their websites made, want their UI/UX be perfect. It is imperative for web design agencies to always be on the lookout for better UI/UX practices that would entice the users with not only its attractive  web design but also the user friendliness.

Given below are some of the UI/UX design trends that would be ruling the market in 2020.

Minimalist approach

In 2020, even from the late 2019s, minimalist design has been prevalent. People are seeking out minimalist design not only on their allover web design but on their logos as well. Minimalist design is the latest fad right and is bound to stay so for the whole year to come

Motion UI

Motion UI is in everyone’s wishlist today. Attractive and smart anim ation along with witty and captivating captions can be seen in nearly every website we come across. Point is to use it effectively and efficiently without slowing down the website.

Unconventional Scrolling

One of the biggest highlights of the upcoming trends is unconventional scrolling. They are a great way of attracting user attention and provide them with a great UX.

3D Illustrations

3D Illustrations will now write the new future of banner design. These 3D animations have the ability to attract anyone’s eyes. 3D Illustrations will provide a new identity to your brand and website.

Helveticization of your Brand Logo

In 2019, brands are now turning their old 3D logo to 2D logo for more minimalistic appearance. By doing this, your brand will appear more serious than the old school types.

In order to make your business online, you have to create a website. Your website will act as a representative for all your business services to the customers. As all businesses are coming online due of internet revolution, more and more customers are availing online services rather than physically opting for products at physical shops.

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