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Social media : Know how to get the maximum out of your social media campaign


Social media Optimization (SMO) is simply a method of promoting and increasing the online presence and visibility of a business in the online world of social media. It mainly emphasizes on implementing the online word of mouth publicity to the benefit of the business. As social media, from being a platform to exchange pleasantries and increasing acquaintances, has evolved and grown to occupy and influence our thinking and our views on almost all subjects in our daily life. So it was only a little time before marketing would mould itself and merge into social media and wield it to its advantage.

Don’t shy away from adding outbound links to other blogs or resources, which might be relevant to    average readers of your blog in fulfilling their goals. This will create a positive response in their minds and they will link to you more and more as an honest and complete source of information, readers and competitors’ alike. Participate and get involved in other people blog and contribute to them across the social media.

You also need to Interact with your audience and get involved with them, get their inputs and enrich your content accordingly. Always reward helpful users and commenter in your blog. Thank them and let them know that you appreciate their involvement via email or mentioning them in a comment. It works as a personal gesture and people will help you and link with you more and more.

Make your content tailor made for every mode of sharing. Make a slide show about it. Create a video about it and share in scribd or youtube. Don’t shy away from making your content available in all facets of social media to increase visibility. Find or devise new ways so that people can share your content more and more into various social media outlets. Invite people to read and even modify your content. Let different people add to your list their own inputs and opinions. In this way your content can evolve and generate more buzz than just mundanely lying around in a stagnant sate.

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