How to get lightning page speed in simple steps?


Having a lightning load speed for web pages is very essential considering that any webpage taking more than 3 seconds to load shows an increased bounce rate of visitors. Thus we have come up with 6 of the simplest, yet most effective ways that you can look into to boost your webpage load speed.

  1. Reverse proxy configuration

Using a reverse proxy is one of the primal steps to successfully increasing the page speed. Having a reverse proxy configuration is not only of critical importance to come up with the fastest cache layer but also caters to the maximum portion of the anonymous visitors who have been logged out. The main aim is to cache the entire page into the memory so that returning it back to the traffic is fast beyond imagination.

  1. Cache TTL

Defining the Time to Live (TTL) is a great way to extend the time span for a particular object before it is flushed out from the cache memory. It is especially beneficial for the websites that have huge database contents, specifically the ones that have more than 10,000 stable URLs. It helps to increase the rate of a hit at the initial cache layer from the reverse proxy configuration.

  1. Database tuning

Using a MySQL database can be a solution to tuning the database for the optimum outputs. It is necessary to take the report of slow queries into consideration on a quarterly basis. Following the step, it is necessary to add the indexations at all possible places wherever appropriate and rewrite the queries in such a way that it can be easily optimized.

  1. HTTP headers

Using the HTTP2 server push technique to send back the resources to the original source before the users make a request can also help to increase page speed to a significant level. But it is necessary to test out the ones that would be pushed as the first step. JavaScript still continues to be one of the most effective options to help you in the process.

  1. JavaScript placement

As mentioned already, JavaScript still plays an important role and cannot be totally ignored when the page speed is taken into consideration. It is necessary to place the JS tactfully in such a way that it can be tested on a continual basis to ensure that it does not kill the functionality of the site. Thus you must remove the JavaScript from as many places as possible keeping only the ones that are absolutely necessary.

  1. Image optimization

Images take up a lot of time to load when your visitor gets on to your page. While you can obviously use a separate server to store up the images and call them in separately but simultaneously when the contents are fetched from the original server, you can also use optimized image sizes if you want to keep things simple yet advantageous at your end.

These are some of the basic tips that can help you to gain lightning page load speed. If you have sufficient technical knowledge, then it is only a matter of few tweaks that you need to fasten your page load speed to great extents.

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