Why should Google offer reports on new algorithm updates?


No matter how much the SEO organizations insist on the updates of Google algorithms, Google prefers to maintain silence as its response. At times, one of the Google officials comes forward to make a cryptic or informal comment on the topic. The business owners start to panic and this leads to the discovery of solutions to the issues that would otherwise have been far from discovery.

One thing that can be increasingly helpful is the availability of the weather report of algorithm updates on the Google Search Console. This is especially because of the fact that Google brings in 2 updates to its algorithms on average on a daily basis. Some of the changes are so minute that most of the website owners cannot even detect it unless notified about it. But all Google says is that there is no update except the regular experiments and tests and that the outcomes of these experiments affect only a minimal percentage of the users. While none wants specifics, reassurance is enough to comfort the webmasters.

The necessity of a Weather Report

Let us take the mission of Google into consideration for a second – ‘to organize all the information around the world and increase its usability by making it accessible universally’. Coming up with a weather report exactly aligns with the mission. Google is known to enlist multiple Search Console goals. Two of the goals include:

  • Monitoring the performance of the site in the search results on Google
  • Keeping a track and resolving various issues of malware and spam to keep the site clean

This brings us to one of the worst nightmares of a website publisher – to lose the website rankings as a result of an algorithm update.

So it is okay for the publisher to depend on the speculation of a phantom update?

What can cause ranking fluctuations?

It is not always the case that an algorithmic update is causing fluctuation of the Google rankings or that your website has become worse or of low quality. It can also be the case that a new website has been working hard to gain popularity and an increased count of users is starting to discover it and love what they find. Thus it can be tough for a webmaster to know what exactly is causing the ranking disturbances.

Let us take an example that there have been no updates and the ranks fluctuated due to regular factors. The availability of a report of algorithm updates or a weather report at the least can be a lot helpful for the web publishers. This is because it would enable them to focus on their regular workflow and quality of contents rather than running after the discovery of a solution for an update that was actually never provided.

But Google never misses out an announcement when a major update is brought in its algorithms. Although the entire process of the update is never disclosed, the officials hint to the possibilities and the web publishers can then look for a possible solution to the issues.

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