Fluctuations in Keyword rankings – know the exact reasons


The fluctuation of the keyword ranks on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can disturb the website owners to a great extent. It is common to feel frustrated when you see such fluctuations in the rankings despite all serious efforts that you put in. Thus it has become of utmost importance to point out the reasons and work in a more aligned way to beat the hurdles to maintain the ranks of your important keywords on the SERPs.

  1. Rise in competition

Keyword rankings are obviously dependent on the business competition, i.e. on the basis of the organizations battling over the same keywords for the similar types of products or services. The best way to avoid rank fluctuations due to the rising competition is to decide wisely on the keywords and then get started with the campaigns. You can choose a high competitive keyword, run your campaigns for the entire year to reach the top or choose multiple medium to low competitive keywords and obtain faster results.

  1. Bugs

Bugs in the Google algorithms are one of the common issues that can bring in a huge rate of fluctuation to even the most stable webpage contents. Recently, the de-indexation bug from Google had thrown away a lot of stable pages from their ranks. But there is nothing much to worry about as Google has worked to fix it back and help the pages gain back the ranks they deserve.

  1. Change in trends

The field of SEO is a constantly changing sector and requires you to be completely updated about the latest approaches at all points of time. The dynamic nature of the digital marketing field makes it hard to come up with predictable strategies that can help you to maintain a stable rank without fluctuation for long terms.

  1. Removal of old contents

It is one of the most common mistakes that many website owners commit unwillingly. They tend to have a tendency of removing contents that are obsolete and no longer useful. Whatsoever may it be, it has immense effects on the search engine optimization results and kicks your page out of the rank without any prior notice.

  1. Addition of new contents

Addition of new contents can also impact the regular search engine rankings and bring fluctuations to stable page ranks as well. But it is not that tough to gain back the ranks as you can easily optimize the contents and reap in the real benefits soon. All you need is to allow the necessary time to the campaigns and wait back to get the results.

  1. Changes in the URL

You may remove or add any content to your website to increase its relevance, quality, and standard. But you must not forget that it is of prime importance to re-analyze as well as reposition the removed or the added contents on the website and optimize the URL as well for the same.

  1. Negative SEO

The negative SEO attacks from your competitors can be one of the main reasons that can suddenly throw out one of your well-ranked pages out of its league. While you cannot prevent the attacks due to the fact that those are independent campaigns being run by your business rivals, you can only strengthen your own campaigns to outrace those attempts.

  1. Effects of paid campaigns

It might also be the case that apart from the SEO campaigns on the selected keywords, you were also using paid campaigns to run search engine advertisements. This might have caused a sudden increase in your web page ranks on the search engines and induce a heavy flow of traffic. Now if you have suddenly stopped running the paid campaigns, there is a chance that your ranks can fluctuate a lot.

But these are not the only reasons that can cause your keyword rankings to fluctuate. It can be due to any natural reason, poor quality or irrelevance of contents, major updates on the Google Algorithms or any other reason. Being of such dynamic nature, it is hard to specify the exact reason that is causing the fluctuations and thus you must be updated at all times to know what is exactly going on in the field.

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