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Google had been testing the icons in the search bar for quite a long time. After a long wait, the changes have been finally rolled out to the market. Google had been using simple texts only to display the various categories of search or had used verticals for various elements such as images, news, shopping, videos, maps, etc. On the date, there are specific icons that Google is displaying alongside the category texts as well. This is one of the latest search engine redesigns that have been globally released for a wide range of devices and browsers.

Whether you are using Chrome on a Mac or Firefox in Windows, you can easily test out this feature without any effort. You can even try it out for multiple browsers on multiple operating systems as well. Whether you are signed in or out of your Google account doesn’t actually play any big role in the display of the icons. You can expect to replicate the exact same results from every test that you may try.

The rollout of the changes

It has been 15 days since Google has confirmed the rolling out of this change for the searchers. There have been multiple reports submitted by the users as well, all claiming to see the new change on the search bar brought in by Google. It has now stabilized on all of the browsers in the market and tests have confirmed it as well.

But this is not something that the SEO experts or the website owners need to worry about. This is mainly because of the fact that the impacts of this change are limited to improve the user experience on the search engine only and will not be impacting the rankings of any website or webpage.

Taking a look at the past

Well, this is not something new that has been introduced for the first time. It was back in 2010 that these icons were available for desktop computers. In 2011, these icons have been introduced for mobile devices as well. It was in the same year that the feature was removed and the display of the search engine on the desktop versions was changed back to normal. Since then, Google has introduced numerous changes in the appearance of the top search bar on the engine and over the years, it has evolved continually. You can browse through the Google archives on the user interfaces to go through the timeline of the changes.

Does it matter for us?

Any change that has been introduced to the user interface of the leading websites is sure to get noticed. Google, being one of the most accessed search engines has the biggest count of users. It is something that can attract the new users and they may be interested to know more about it. But as for the field of search engine optimization, it has no noticeable impacts that the SEO experts need to prepare for. Users are actually enjoying the fresh look and this is only that matters the most.

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