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Mobile-friendly websites – How beneficial can they be?


One may come up with the requirement of a website for any reason. Not only websites help owners to reach more potential clients, but also helps them to communicate with them to answer their queries as well. Studies have shown that most users generally depend on their smartphone devices to look for queries on the web. This makes it one of the prime reasons for website owners to make it friendly for mobile uses if they wish to drive in more traffic.

Statistics show that over 600 million individuals in Middle East only use cell phones and the figure is continually on the rise. Statistics also show over 90% users in specific areas to depend on their mobile phone to get internet access. This makes it one of the basic requirements to come up with a responsive design for a website and make it friendly for mobile usage. Below mentioned are the main advantages of using mobile friendly affordable web design services.

  • A website is more likely to be accessed if it has a mobile friendly version

Mobile users are provided with the boon of internet access from any place that they may be in at any point of time. When users are in emergency need of internet access and lack access to a desktop computer, a mobile phone is what comes to the rescue. If a website is not optimised for mobile usage, it is likely to lose a lot of traffic that otherwise would have been driven in. A non-mobile-friendly website will generally push visitors away from the page and force them to search for a more convenient navigable website that they can access on the internet. It provides a gift-edge to the rivals and they get a boosted push without doing any task. The top web design companies can help anyone in need of a responsive mobile-friendly web design and drive in more traffic from any device.

  • Users are gifted with a better website experience

It is obvious that users would use the device vertically. This calls in for the change in layout from the horizontal representation of texts and images used for desktop access, thus bringing in an alteration in the display. An experienced web development company can help owners to manipulate the website and develop it to fit multiple device screens. It is quite inconvenient for users if the layout is not changed and the size of the texts and images are shrunk in to fit the screen. When users get this support for mobile viewing a website, they are more likely to be loyal to it and return for repeated queries in future. A mobile responsive web design can thus be beneficial for a company to retain traffic as well as generating new ones. It also provides them an increased convenience for navigating and exploring through the website.

  • It is quite cheap to come up with a mobile friendly web design

Previously, web designers had to come up with multiple versions for a single website to make it fit for multiple device sizes. But with the advent of responsive web designing, coming up with a single mobile friendly version to suit all sizes has changed the way of internet viewing for users. It has reduced the tedious labours of web design and development service providers required for multiple updating and developing separate source codes for multiple device sizes. Currently, a single source code development can serve the purpose and it is possible for the website to fir all sizes of display screen with a single system of content management. It also provides a singular analytical access. It makes things easier for owners as they can check insights for the multiple devices through which the website was navigated by the users.

  • Mobile friendly website tends to boost sales

E-commerce has been constantly on the rise and with an ever increasing number of shoppers; mobile phones have turned into the new age shopping malls. Statistics show an 18% increase in mobile shopping over the past 8 years. Coming up with a mobile-friendly website can surely help a company to boost their sales, especially for the rise of mobile phone usage in recent times. It will also provide users with a better shopping experience, pushing the chances of an online purchase to get completed.

  • It helps to rank up the site in Google search results

Google specifically provides an untold boost to websites with mobile friendly optimisations with automatic detection. In cases when a specific query is searched on mobile devices, Google will work to display the responsive mobile friendly website higher in the search results. Thus coming up with a responsive web design not only helps users to have a standalone experience, but also serves the purpose of SEO to some extent without any extra cost.

These are some of the top advantages that owners can come up with when they decide to come up with a mobile-friendly website. Not only it can be helpful when it comes to traffic retention, but also can help business owners enjoy a competitive lead among the rivals who have not yet come with the mobile-friendly design. If you are in that list, you are losing the edge to those who already have it and that can be quite risky in this era of hardcore competition.


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