Tips to use social media platforms to maximize website traffic


Social media platforms are one of the biggest business platforms on the date. A huge portion of the traffic on social platforms can be easily funneled to the website if certain simple steps are followed. Below mentioned are the top seven ways of maximizing website traffic from social media.

  1. Optimize the social profiles

If you are targeting social media to maximize your website traffic, you must optimize your profile properly in alignment with the business needs and objectives. Make sure that your profile contains a link to your website along with other necessary contact details through which the audience can know who you are and find a way to get in touch with you as necessary.

  1. Write easy, shareable contents

Produce contents that have a tendency of being shared. Pay special attention to coining the title of the article. Make it catchy and intriguing as the title plays a vital factor in influencing website traffic. Well-researched quality contents often fail to attract the traffic it deserves just because of a poorly curated title.

  1. Pay attention to the time of user activity

As you are using social media platforms, take a look at the time range within which your audience shows increased activity. Choose that slot to reach out to more audience. If the contents you provide them with matches the quality they want, they are sure to help you get even more recognition through sharing.

  1. Concentrate on creating visual contents

No matter however interactive your contents may be, no one on the social media platforms has the time to go through all that you have written. Visual contents such as graphic images and videos, on the other hand, can easily attract the attention you need. Also, these contents have a better chance of being shared.

  1. Engage interactions

Develop a habit of providing a prompt reply to the users’ comments or posts on your pages. Whether you want to use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and every other platform together or just attract traffic from Facebook is totally your decision. But as you keep engaging with more users, you will be gaining recognition, much essential for website popularity.

  1. Optimize CTA

Use strong action words to influence the audience for taking the decision you want them to make. If you can use the right words to motivate the readers, you can easily trigger actions in your favor and funnel in a lot of free-floating traffic from the social media platforms to your website.

  1. Take the advantage of social bookmarking sites

There are quite a few social bookmarking sites that can help you to redirect traffic to your website from the various social media platforms. The most commonly used ones include Reddit, Digg, etc. If your peers help you in the process, the results can be even better. Just avoid overdoing it or you will be penalized.

Once you start gaining traffic, consider the paid marketing approaches to further boost your website traffic flow and expand your business much faster.

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