Marketing v/s Branding – The inevitable differences


The terms branding and marketing have been two of the most confusing terms in the business sectors. But it is necessary to know that both of the terms constitute specific meanings and should not be mixed. Understanding the difference between the two can help any business owners to take in better steps with the exact measurement to fulfill the business objectives.

Branding – What exactly is it?
The term branding is used to refer to the practice of providing the product with a brand name. The main motive of branding is to provide the customers with a way to recognize the product and identify it to the company manufacturing it. It is necessary to understand that the branding of a product is necessary for the customers to know who you are and what you have for them. It is one of the primary ways to build up customer loyalty and directly influence the decision of the buyers by imprinting an impact within the minds of the consumers. It is more of the outward part of the entire business process that aims at bringing and pulling your company up in front of the potential buyers.

How does Branding cross over Marketing?
Branding a business helps to reinforce the value of the product or services you offer and drive in long-lasting reputation in the market. It helps to create relationships and it speaks to the emotion of the consumers. Marketing, on the other hand, tends to speak to a group of targeted audience with a clear intention of increasing the business of the company. It creates the needs among the people to generate periodic sales through the promotion of specifically intended values for the benefit of the business.

What is marketing in simple terms?
Marketing is thus an outward pushing strategy that influences the immediate purchase decision of the customer. It is a process of cultivating the customers for the betterment of the business either with short term goals or long term objectives. Marketing consists of a wide kind of activities adopted by the company or its employees to fetch in the sellers and the buyers together. It is the term referred to the methods of promoting the services and goods exchange.

What is the difference?

To cut things short, let us take a look at how exactly do they differ from each other. The main differences include:

• The brand defines your identity whereas marketing states your message.
• Branding, being for the consumers is of most priority. Marketing follows.
• You can only own the marketing process but the brand is owned by the customers.
• Branding constitutes a strategic approach where marketing is more of a tactical move.
Branding is thus more essential for a business to be successful. It is as important as the future vision is necessary for the business. It is vital to have quality employees as well as financial coherence. The better you brand your business, the more are your chances to reach the peak.

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