Main black hat SEO techniques that you must avoid


Black hat SEO techniques have existed in the field for a long term especially due to the immediate and promising results that it fetches for the campaigns. But as the algorithms of Google have been updated, these approaches have turned obsolete. Here are some of the top black hat approaches that you must avoid.

  1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the oldest approaches of black hat SEO that devastated the rules and ratios of keyword proximity, density, and frequency. The main process was to use keywords within the content as many times as possible, say repeating a single keyword 15 times within content of 500 words. Google has started punishing the websites that follow this principle. Keyword stuffing is banned on the date and must be strictly avoided.

  1. Hidden or invisible links

One of the common SEO techniques is to create multiple pages on singular topics to increase the online presence of the business. As such, the webmasters have a tendency of linking all the pages they have created together through hidden links. This is not a good approach to use as it may be the case that not all of the pages have unique content and it can severely impact the SEO ranks.

  1. Hidden text

Using the white text on white background, stuffed with keywords to increase the relevance of the page on the search engines is yet another technique of black hat SEO. The web crawlers are becoming smarter on the date and have been developed with the ability to analyze the relevance of keywords automatically within the page. While using such methods may bring a page to the top of the SERP quickly, there is hardly any confirmation on the tenure to which it can hold that place.

  1. Meta detail stuffing

Another black hat SEO approach is to stuff the targeted keywords within the meta title and meta description of the pages. These are nothing but the identity of the page in a way that you define it for the search engines. It may help to increase the relevance of the page to the users but come with heavy risks of penalties that can throw the entire page out of the ranks despite good quality contents as well.

  1. Link Spamming

Using too many links through various approaches of backlink building has been one of the best approaches of SEO but has already lost its charms with the algorithm updates of Google. Link spamming can cost a website more than they can think of.

  1. Cloaking

It is one of the worst techniques of black hat SEO. The main principle of this technique is to create two separate versions of a particular webpage. One version is accessible to the web crawlers while the other version is accessible to the users. This can hamper the results as it may seriously affect the user experience to a great extent. Fooling the web crawler is not an option you would look into if you want to stay in the market for a long time.

The days of black hat techniques are now gone and using any of them can attract a heavy penalty. If you want to know more about the safe SEO trends, you can get in touch with us to know more.

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