Jobs Vs Cook : A brief comparison of the two distinctive management styles


Upon looking at the technological juggernaut, Apple Inc. has become over the years, one cannot help but wonder who among two top bosses, Steve Jobs, the predecessor and Tim Cook , the successor, is the better and who among has the better management style. After Steve Jobs death in 2011, filling the shoes of the legend and the worlds foremost visionary, seemed like an impossible job. People were pessimistic about Tim Cooks ability to successfully run the giant, but the fact that 2015 was the most successful fiscal year for Apple, only asserts Tim Cooks ability. So how can two different management styles bear exemplary result for a single organization? We find the answer below.

Steve Jobs: The charismatic one, the innovation guy

It is a fact that Steve Jobs was a legend, and true visionary who was miles ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing innovation at the forefront and thinking up new and yet unforeseen products destined to be a huge commercial success. It is also a widely known that Steve Jobs was abrasive, harsh and a demanding employers. It is that Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and demanded nothing less than perfection and unquestioned dedication to the work at hand from each employee. Jobs was known to recall employees from vacation and care less and less about their non employment hours. In short during Steve Jobs tenure emphasis was laid on innovation and the sole purpose was new production and success minus the human factor.

Tim Cook: The democratic one, the operations guy

Tim Cook is the operations guy who focusses on smooth and seamless execution of processes. Rather than individual excellence and charisma, Cook emphasizes upon teamwork and transparency among the employees. Cook understands that employees, rather than being an organizations tool to make new things, are the heart and soul of the said organization, with ones success is in direct correlation with the other. Cook is known to possess a much cooler and approachable demeanour, which helps employees to interact with the higher management successfully and equivocally.

Jobs Vs Cook: Cook takes the lead

Steve Jobs was not a peoples person but actually quite opposite to it. He was not known to be an approachable leader and had zero regard for person space and times of employees after working hours. He was not Democratic or did not consult with subordinates on the job. Cook whereas is quite a different game all together. A practitioner of the open door policy, Cook encourages employees to open channel of communication in the hierarchy. This policy, in turn, allows the employees to feel valued and appreciated and thus boosting their will to perform and feel one with the organization they are employed in.

Even though with that many difference in management styles, Cook and Jobs are similar as well. Both expect nothing less than sheer perfection from employees. One more similarity is that both have achieved the pinnacle of success and brought massive business for Apple.

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