Is link building dead?


There have been a lot of questions on the impact of link building in recent times. This is especially because of the decrease in results. But the fact is the methods of link building just turned a bit more sophisticated.

Let us consider link building to be a new nightclub. In simple terms, if the club is relatively new, the only ones coming to the club would be the ones included in the ‘list’ (as referred for the links of prime quality). As the club gains age and starts to starve for increased traffic, they generally start letting everyone in (as can be referred to the links of poor quality).

So how can you generate valuable backlinks?

The count of updates to the search engine algorithms are many and this makes it increasingly tough to stick to a fixed plan for steady SEO campaigns. But the recent updates have increased the emphasis on backlinks of high quality. Apparently, this has pushed the requirement to consider the platforms of social media to formulate a promising SEO plan. The social media platform comes with a page rank that is generally high on most of the search engines and thus turns out to be one of the best ways to generate links of top quality. The best approach for the process is to distribute effective contents. This automatically helps you to generate top quality backlinks and as the users of the social platforms keep sharing the contents, it automatically generates more quality links.

What can help your link building more?

In its purest form, link building is referred to the process of creating and subsequently distributing the unique contents that are informative and helpful to the users. An in-depth analysis comes up with the fact that this approach also helps to engage more users through detailed content on the latest topics, thus helping you to gain more links. Well, if you are still not sure about what we are talking about, it is the viral contents such as:

  • An Image
  • Text Content
  • An Infographic
  • A Video

Basically it can be anything that a user cannot resist to look into. That is the type of content that you should be looking for to generate valuable backlinks without much effort.

The right approach is thus confusing for someone who is relatively new to the field. Thus they lack the capability to generate effective results despite all their efforts and consider link building to be dead. But it is not dead and will never be. It is only that the approach is now deviated and rather than putting in your efforts to build links, you must put in the effort to come up contents that would be shared, thus helping you to earn links rather than building them of your own. That means all the activities that help you to increase your presence on the internet are ways to build valuable links and some of the easiest ways include simply creating profiles, engaging on various social media activities, taking part in the discussion and many more.

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