Mining the SERPs for Insights on SEO, Content and Customer Behavior


The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are one of the best ways to mine useful data for SEO and content marketing and draw valuable insights on user behavior. If you have no idea how to use it for your benefit, then here are a few suggestions that you can look into.

  1. The search bar

The search bar on Google or any of its alternatives are one of the best places to start mining for contents. This provides great ideas for SEO and lets you develop great insights on customer behavior. Now you may be wondering how exactly it is possible. The procedure is simple. As soon as you start typing a few of your keywords into the search bar, suggestive search terms keep coming up. These are nothing but relevant suggestions based on other terms that the users are searching. You can mine the search bar as much as you want to gather all the info on SEO, content and customer insights as possible.

  1. ‘People also ask for’ list

As you scroll down the SERP, you would come across a box with the heading ‘People also ask for’. This generally includes articles and contents with headings related to your keywords. As you start looking through the list, more ideas start popping up automatically. While these elements of the Google Search Engine are designed to help the users get better access to more relevant information on what they are searching for, you as an SEO master can use it as well. You can gather great ideas for your projects from the list and use them to develop valuable insights on customer behavior.

  1. Related search term

As you keep scrolling down to the end of the SERP, there is yet another place for you to mine valuable data. It is the related search list that is displayed at the end of the search results. You can even use those terms for Latent Semantic Indexing your works for better responses for organic users. This can support you in two different perspectives – it helps to increase the relevance of your contents to the crawlers and helps you develop ideas on what you can work on instead of your listed keywords to boost the results of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Top stories

The Search Engine Result Pages is a treasure of top stories and news events. These topics are not only trendy (meaning users will be searching for the contents in large volumes), but also offers you a wide variety to work on. Also, as you choose the topic relevant to your business niche, you will not have to brainstorm too much to figure out what can work for you.

There are quite a few tools as well that you can directly integrate with the search engines to mine valuable data. ‘Keywords Everywhere’ is one such tool that you can use for free. Such tools display all essential insights on keywords and user behavior, thus letting you estimate the success you can achieve by working on those keywords.

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