How to prepare your website for voice search?


Voice search is one of the latest technological advancements that enable the users to make their search queries on the online platform through voice prompts. Despite the fact that this technology has been in the market for nearly 11 years now, its use has been recognized recently.

Why think of voice search optimization?

A market study has predicted that more than 50% of the internet searches will be made by the use of voice prompt by a coming couple of years. This has turned it necessary to attentively prepare your website for voice search. Let us now take a look at why it has become so much important to consider voice search optimization. Some of the main reasons for voice search optimization include:

  • People use mobile more on the date
  • It is easier to look for a query through voice search then physically typing it down
  • Voice search allows on-the-go research ability to the users and they can use it at any point of time
  • The use of Google Home devices is on the rise

Thus it is necessary to consider voice search optimization while preparing your website.

Preparing the website for voice search

We have come up with a few tips to help you prepare your website for voice search optimization.

  • The prime difference between voice search optimization and search engine optimization is the fact that voice search optimization requires you to pay more attention to the use of native languages than keywords. This is because the users would be making the search through the queries and they would be just speaking up what they are looking for.
  • One of the best tips for a local business is to get listed on digital platforms. This is because the voice assistant display listed businesses over regular search results as the display sizes are limited. Do not forget to prepare specific local contents for better response. But you can overlook this step if you are not a local business.
  • Local search optimization is the next step to look into after you have enlisted your business on the online platforms. This refers to the process of optimizing your business listing and its contents to meet the local search queries.
  • Long-tail SEO is what can help you to obtain better results. It is not the most preferred traditional optimization approach but has earned an increased recognition in recent times. This is because voice search incorporates the use of longer text strings and the voice assistants have a tendency to return the query responses in the form of answers.

It is necessary to remember that it is the question of your audience that your contents need to answer, especially due to the fact that majority of the voice searches made on the date are in the form of answers. If you really want your business to reach the top from all the aspects, then you should not neglect the preparation to optimize your website for the voice searches.

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