Ads, Interstitials and Supplemental Contents – Impacts on SEO visibility


There are a lot of factors that can impact the SEO visibility of a page. Although Google has not made any strict announcements on the link between content visibility of a webpage and its SEO results, it sure casts a negative impression on the Google algorithms. The results may not be immediate and limited but are sure to take its toll in the long run. Below mentioned are the reasons why some contents such as ads, interstitials, and supplemental contents affect the SEO visibility of a page and how the same can be cut down to a bare minimum.

Page covered with ad contents

To be frank, a couple of ads may be fine. Even three can be accommodating if the size is small and are placed on the main content sides. It can even be placed on top of the folds and still be okay. But Google would not like the sites that have a lot of prominent ads to such an extent that it interferes with the readability of the main page contents.

Roughly, having a maximum of 30% of ads on the page along with 70% of content visibility can be a great ratio. But Google has sanctioned no official guideline though it has clearly made a public statement about the dislike for confusing ads. But that does not mean you have to cut down the ads. You can simply label them as sponsored, provide them with an unobtrusive appearance and you are green to go.


Interstitial is another one of the important elements that can affect the SEO visibility of a webpage to a great extent, especially on mobile devices. Blocking the access of the users to the main content with pop-ups can be problematic for you. In case the pop-up forces the user to make a selection against the pop-up or if the pop-up forces the user to download the app, it can have quite a negative impression on Google.

Limited pop-ups such as those of coupon offers or newsletter signups are perfectly fine but as you keep increasing pop-ups, the load time is sure to fall down. Also, putting up a pop up as soon as the visitor comes to the site is not what you should look for and it should not cover the entire area of the main content.

Supplemental Content

The ‘Related Posts’ on the sidebars are another one of the things that can also impact the SEO visibility of a webpage. But you must ensure that the contents being displayed are not random links that lead to another website or webpage that is irrelevant to the topic. If the content being displayed is linked and related to what the user is looking for, then it is obviously a great thing. It also helps to increase the SEO visibility. It has been clearly stated in the Quality Rater Guidelines by Google that the sites having supplementary contents of good quality would be awarded natural high preference.

What we seem to ignore and rule out of the context also has its roles to play. If you want the best results of your SEO campaigns, you should consider the placement of all these things as much as possible.

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