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Host your blog with VPS Hosting: Benefits of VPS Hosting


Initially, when you are going to start a new blog the shared hosting can be enough. But as days go by you will soon realize that shared hosting is not enough for the development of your blog. Shared hosting suffers from a number of limitations which will never make good traffic for your blog. And it is the time when you need to turn towards VPS Hosting for the betterment of your blog. Even with the smallest and cheapest VPS Hosting package, you can have many additional resources that will help you to manage and host your CMS and develop your website as per your needs.

What is VPS hosting?

The term VPS stands for Virtual Personal Server. VPS is a physical server which is housed in a data center. Its location depends on the provider of the host you are using. A virtual personal server includes its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth.

There are different types of physical servers: Shared server, VPS, and dedicated servers. Among them, VPS is the most popular hosting used by the bloggers. A VPS can be almost used like a dedicated server where customization according to the desires and needs of the user can be done.

Benefits of using VPS hosting for blogs

  1. Virtual Private Server will provide you with a greater amount of privacy than the shared hosting. It also allows the user to manage the system efficiently.
  2. VPS hosting will provide you with a unique IP address for your own usage, which assures a greater safety and protection. You are provided with full control and administrative rights for the contents and materials you are going to use for your blog.
  3. You are allowed to customize the server, install different software and upgrade them, as well as change the configuration of the server, unlike shared hosting.
  4. When you shift to VPS hosting for your blog, you are provided with control facilities. You can manage and control everything you need with control panels like cPanel or Plesk. Linux, OSX, and Windows support Plesk for web control.
  5. It is very common in shared hosting that it cannot take much traffic and your website may crash. VPS provides you with benefits of RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and disk space. It allocates you good memory space, additional computing power and it increases the performance of the website as per your need. During a high amount of traffic, it automatically provides you with additional time and memory of CPU.
  6. VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting you will get some additional benefits like that of in dedicated hosting but at a low cost. VPS hosting allows the user to manage multiple websites on their server including CMS sites. Among the CMS sites WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the popular sites among many users. You can use these websites together in one server platform without compromising with quality or performance.
  7. The supporting staff is very understanding and helpful in nature and can solve complicated technical issues.

Why use VPS Hosting?

  1. Shared hosting provides you with a simple and basic website infrastructure. It generally fails to fulfill the customer expectation about the services and performance needed for their blog. So, to increase the traffic levels and hosting environment, the customer shifts to VPS Hosting.
  2. When you want more flexibility, maintenance, and security at a cheap price, VPS is the correct type of Hosting.
  3. When you want to use multiple software programs in one physical server, VPS is going to provide you with that facility, unlike shared hosting.
  4. When you want to have a back-up or file storage for future reference, shifting to VPS hosting is the best option.
  5. VPS can be rebooted or stopped independently whenever wanted.
  6. When you want ultimate safety from the hackers, VPS Hosting allows no access of others to your website.

Other options

You can also opt for shared or dedicated hosting but the features are not going to be similar. Hosting your website on a shared server keeps it prone to hacking risks while choosing a dedicated hosting server incurs a lot of extra costs. The performance issues are also a factor that can affect the decision. But the list is not limited to just these options. You can search the web to gather more information on the particular server types. You can then compare what the other providers have in offer for you and decide accordingly based on your needs and preferences.

VPS hosting is the type of hosting one should prefer. It is definitely true that VPS Hosting is quite difficult to set up initially, but after you gather knowledge and learn about it nothing is as smooth as VPS hosting. Companies and Suppliers like Linode and DigitalOcean provide VPS Hosting with $ 5 per month. It is very cheap in the current market. So, do not hesitate to go for VPS Hosting to make your blog the best. You can also consult with someone who is experienced enough in the field to know more about it.

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