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From Social media to website: ways to boost the traffic and flood the gates


Leveraging the prowess and influence of social media to boost business is mandatory for companies, irrespective of their size. The small business utilizes social media to gain footing in the market while the big players do so to stay afloat and expand in the ever-shifting vista of the business world. If you are having a website for your business and want to bring traffic to it, then social media can be the key supplier of the same. All you have to do is know your way around it and maneuver your social media channel with some essential strategies which will clear out and make prominent the pathway from social media to your website. All expert Digital marketing service providers use these strategies to boost traffic to the website of their clientele.

Given below are some practical and actually effective digital marketing tricks and strategies that you can use

Create posts that your users can interact with easily

Creating an engaging post is the first and the most successful way of connecting to your niche audience and get them to pay you a visit on your website. If you connect with the reader and can rouse the interest levels enough to get them to comment or interact with you then it’s a bingo already. One of the surest ways of fishing for interaction is the proper usage of humor. Humorous posts are highly effective in creating an impression and engaging your audience by getting them to share the post.

Communicate with the audience and make it personal

Once you have some interaction on your posts, it’s time to cash in on them and start having conversations so as to make them feel heard and taken care of. When you interact with an audience who is sharing or even liking your posts, they will feel that they are being listened to and will have a sense of exclusiveness. One conversation can lead to another where others can join in, which is more than enough in the starting levels.


Utilize hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is a potential gold mine for digital marketing and overall SEO service providers. The power of the hashtags is endless which is evident from visiting the pages of well know and active Instagram influencers. Finding the proper hashtags to tell your story is very important as by that only you can reach out to millions of users and get them to engage with your offerings and posts. Try telling a story through your Instagram posts and attach with it effective and popular hashtags that will create an avenue for niche audiences.

Wear your answering shoes on Quora

Another powerful tool that expert Digital marketing service providers like ourselves utilize is Quora. Quora is like a playground where companies can interact with people by answering their questions. By providing useful and accurate information in the form of an answer to user queries will make users feel familiar with the brand and they will surely follow them back to the business website. Provide and expert and targeted answer carefully weave your services into it and you can get a whole lot of people to follow back to your website.

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