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From Java to Hadoop: is the switch worth it?


Big data and hadoop are the two flavours of the season, two names which are more chanted than uttered. Whether or not you are a java professional you must have heard or read these two words recently in Java seminars or magazines or from people who are making the switch from Java to Hadoop for better career prospects and fatter pay checks. For indeed it does ensure all of th0se. Switching from Java to Hadoop not only will keep you updated on evolving technologies  but will also give you that extra edge to your career which will propel your career towards unimaginable heights.

Here are some reasons why you should make that switch from java to hadoop.

Ease of learning for java professionals

We are at our best of capabilities and put forth our best performance at our familiar territories, at our comfort zones. Just like a soccer player who will give his A game, his best performance if he is played at his most favored position, Java developers will be able to learn and love hadoop quite easily than others for hadoop is written entirely in java. For a java developer hadoop is familiar territory.

Stay ahead of the pack

If you are equipped with the knowledge of Hadoop, you are already miles ahead of your peers & competitors. Professionals with knowledge of hadoop are seen as potential assets by companies worldwide and are in high demand. Being only a java developers one is lost in the crowd, but with hadoop you are ahead of the curve.

Fatter paychecks   

Knowledge in Big data & hadoop ensures fatter pay checks and pay perks. According to latest reports and data from the industry, big data and hadoop professionals take home 6 figure salaries and are offered lucrative pay packages by companies worldwide.

Improved quality & body of work

With hadoop you will be doing more significant, more meaningful work both for yourself and for the company as well. You will be working on bigger and more complex projects which will be of higher value than your previous work. In order to be considered for appraisals, you need to be someone who can make a difference in the team, and that’s what Hadoop lets you to be.


According to IDC hadoop user base is increasing at a rate of 28 % per annum and the overall big data industry is growing at a whopping rate of 30% per year, a highly impressive rate of growth. This ensures high availability of lucrative jobs ensuring unprecedented growth for the individual and brighter career prospects. A hadoop professional is likely to receive around 250 % pay hikes according to industry insiders.


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