E-A-T – what is it and how can it be used to improve page rankings?


Human raters continually hone and refine the algorithms of Google. They are responsible to assign the pages with the quality score based on their return for the specific search queries submitted by the users. As per the Google statements, the websites that are known to provide relevant contents of superior quality should be assigned higher quality scores from the raters.

Google has taken the liberty to publish a document for the raters to refer to. This reference document is known to be the Guidelines for Quality Raters. In the recent edition of the guidelines, there have been multiple updates in reference to the E-A-T factors of posts.

What does the E-A-T stand for?

The factors of E-A-T include the Expertise of the content creator, their Authoritativeness to speak on the topic, and their Trustworthiness for the readers to follow them.

The basic elements of the E-A-T are defined below.

  1. Expertise: It is necessary for the content creator to be an expert in the domain that they are working on. This is beneficial in increasing the authenticity of the contents and making it more relevant for the users.
  2. Authoritativeness: Quite similar to having the expertise in the domain, the content creator must have required authority necessary to speak on the given niche. This provides the user with a reason to listen to the creator and look for more suggestions or solutions to their issues.
  3. Trustworthiness: Trust is a big factor and plays a crucial role in the success of contents. It is not only applicable for the content creator but the website on which the content is published as well. This is even more necessary for the websites that are otherwise known as the ‘Your money or your life’ sites.

How to improve the E-A-T scores?

Now that we have already discussed what each of the factors stands for, let us take a look into the ways that can help you to increase the hypothetical scores from the raters. This can also provide you with an opportunity to boost the rankings of the webpage on the search engine result pages. The main ways to improve E-A-T scores include:

  • Including the name of the authors and biographies

This point is more valid for the cases of academic contents. It enables the raters to understand the person responsible for the website.

  • Making an investment in personal branding

The guidelines offer specific warnings for the raters for the reputation of information that is not available at all points of time. It states that it is not always harmful to the cases of small organizations and businesses. Working to promote personal branding can increase the information reputation, thus boosting the E-A-T score of the page.

  • Cutting down on contents with low E-A-T

The E-A-T for websites is calculated on a page-by-page basis. Thus it is necessary to cut down or edit the content pages having a low E-A-T score. It is even more important for the websites having contents from multiple authors.

Paying attention to the technical security of the pages or website can help to increase the trustworthiness among the users. Further, moderating the contents posted by the users can also be beneficial to boost the E-A-T scores to a certain extent. You can get in touch with us to know more about the steps of increasing the score from the raters and also boost the website ranking (SEO) on the search result pages.

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