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Budget – how to define it for your digital marketing campaign?


Before you define the budget for your digital marketing campaign, you must identify all the elements that are associated with it. It helps you understand the expected expenses for each of the elements, thus enabling you to develop an insight into the overall costs that may be incurred. The main elements necessary for an effective digital marketing strategy include:

  1. Website

The website is the most fundamental element that has the most significant influence on the formulation of an effective digital marketing budget. The features you want directly impact the effective price of the website. If you want a web app integrated with it, the price may go a bit higher. If you need a mobile app, it may rise even more.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the most common approach of organic marketing that can help your website to gain a heavy flow of traffic. This marketing style helps to optimize the contents with perfect alignment as per the Google Algorithms to boost up the webpage rank on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). In general, agencies charge on a per-keyword basis. It is a slow approach that takes at least 3 to 6 months depending on the competition existing on the keyword you choose. But once the results start coming, it will be long-lasting.

  1. SEM

Search Engine Marketing is similar to SEO except for the fact that it is a paid marketing approach. That means you pay Google to run ads on specific keywords related to your business. The expense of SEM can vary depending on the keywords you choose, the tenure to wish to run the ad for, and the strategy you wish to adopt for the ad campaign.

  1. Email marketing

Well, it is one of the oldest approaches to digital marketing that is still widely being used by various organizations. It helps to increase the bond with the customers, improve the brand reputation and boost the chances of conversion. Again, the expenses on email marketing can vary depending on the count of users you want to send out your emails to, the frequency of the emails, and a variety of other factors such as target market, demographics, etc.

  1. Social Media marketing

Social media is no longer limited to being used for chatting with friends or playing games but has turned into one of the biggest business platforms on the date. Social Media Marketing is thus necessary to redirect the free-floating clients from the social media platforms into your website. There are certain strategies of social media optimization that can help you to gain increased exposure and provide your clients with an effective way to get in touch with you.

The budget you should plan should be considerate of all the essential elements of digital marketing services you may need. You may even prefer to enjoy the services of online reputation management to improve your brand value. You can get in touch with us to discuss more on what factors you need to consider for a budget and what expenses should you expect for each section.

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