What your Google Tag Manager Container should contain?


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is more difficult to maintain than it actually appears to be. But it is something that can redesign the future and ease out our lives. There are a lot of ways that the Tag Manager can help SEO specialists. To help them out even further, here are the most important pointers to manage the GTM with ease.

  1. Conversion Linker

The default tags placed in the container are nothing but conversion linkers used for conversions. But there are certain restrictions set for ITP and Safari tracking. It can simplify your default tagging approaches to a great extent.

  1. Events

Tracking the count of events is very essential. The approach of using custom metrics and custom dimensions can be helpful but for someone who is just getting started with GTM, ‘events’ is a good option.

  1. External links

The events are used to track external links that specify anything that goes out to a domain not belonging to you. Monitoring every single link can help you to manage the event well and keep things recorded.

  1. PDF downloads tracker

Tracking PDF downloads is the next thing to take a look at. But this feature is limited in case someone searches something on Google and gets the link from the search engines. This will not be recorded in the site Analytics.

  1. Scroll tracking

GTM can also be used to track the scrolling of pages. This can help you to set specific events to be carried out when a certain segment of the page has been reached by the user.

  1. Form submits

Form submissions can be customized but the putting submissions into the container are the default. It helps to keep the owner reminded about editing it in case a new website is being made of the container contents.

  1. Contact links

Contact links such as the telephone and mailto links are one of the most preferred tracking items. Making the links tappable is one of the common mistakes, especially in the cases of local SEO for small businesses.

Well, don’t forget to add the all pages tracker to the list. Make sure that Google Analytics is used to track all the pages on the website.

Triggers and tips for GTM

Multiple triggers can be set for these GTM contents. Some of the most common triggers that can be added include:

  • Clicks to certain buttons, links or images
  • External links to categories or other website segments that differ from the original link
  • Form submissions labeled for specific purposes
  • Telephone and mailing buttons to track the contact number of the user
  • Downloads of specific contents
  • Page scrolling to determine user behavior

Some of the best ways to manage the Google Tag Manager container include using a variable Google Analytics ID, creating a default container dedicated for import of contents, using a specific scheme of naming folders, regular site audit and many more. This helps to significantly help the contents of Google Tag Manager.

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