Key lessons content marketers can take from data journalists


Content marketers can take in a lot from the traditional data journalists to improve the results of their marketing efforts. Below mentioned are some of the best lessons you can learn from them.

  1. Create headlines that can serve multi-purpose

One of the basic steps of traditional data journalists is the use of multi-purpose headlines. It helps to attract an increased count of traffic who might be interested in another perspective of your chosen topic. You may point out the main question or hint at the conclusion or just use a twisted headline that is relevant and associated with what you are offering.

  1. Avoid using headlines to bait clicks

One of the key ingredients that contribute to the success of data journalist is the use of graphs, charts and other plotted representations. This not only simplifies the content but also makes it easier for the reader to grasp what you are offering. Keeping it short, precise and informative helps a content marketer to achieve promising results. Using a headline just to attract traffic without using relevant information can be a backfire on the campaign.

  1. Know the target audience

Before you start your content marketing strategies, take some time out to identify the right group of target audience for your business. It helps you to sort the data for best results by maintaining a flow of the content.

  1. Make authentic claims only

Data journalists never make unauthentic claims. Also, they tend to cite the references to all the data sources. It not only helps to make deeper impacts on the readers but also increases the quality of content to a great extent.

  1. Combine evergreen contents with trending news

Working on trending topics is not just enough. Like the data journalists, you must be capable of using the right combination of evergreen contents along with the latest news to spice up the contents even more. Also, it helps the readers to know the trends and patterns on their searched topics and refer to earlier sources for better understanding. It also helps to draw conclusions to indefinite topics that cannot be concluded based on just raw data.

  1. Cut down the distractions

Distractions bounces off the traffic from your website outwardly. This is because too much of them can confuse your readers of what they are looking for. The readers can just leave your site and visit your competitor if too many distractions make it hard for them to get a hold on the topic.

  1. Consider the bigger picture

The short-term goals must not cloud the long-term objectives of the marketing campaigns. Thus, you must consider the bigger picture while working on the short-term plans of the business. It helps you draw the benefits of your content marketing campaigns even when you are not working on it anymore.

Whatever you do, you must keep it fresh. You must not wait long to include a latest topic in your worklist just to make it more authentic. If the potential traffic has already got what they had been looking for, your efforts may fail to bring the results you deserve.

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