How to help your team to generate better content ideas ?


Generating ideas for interactive contents is a challenging but one of the most important tasks of content marketing strategy. Writer’s block can be disastrous to the success of a campaign and thus needs you to be constantly in search of ideas for your team to work on. Thus we have come up with a few tips that can help your team to generate effective content ideas.

  1. Offer solutions to the problems you or your teammates face in daily life

It is common for us to come across a lot of issues where we don’t have the immediate solution at our disposal. This is one of the best places to get started with ideas of content generation. Jotting down all the problems you come across on your daily job or any other interesting issue that people would love to know the solution about is the first step to content ideation.

  1. Choose a particular niche to work on

Rather than trying to curate contents on a wide variety of niche, it is necessary to maintain focus on a particular genre and offer a wide range of information, solution or guide on the same. It also helps you to build significant expertise in that niche and outrun the competition without much effort.

  1. Host a brainstorm session with all the team members

Involve your entire team in content ideation sessions and ask them what they think of. Discuss the entire objectives of the campaign and encourage them to participate actively. Do not forget to keep a record of everything. Turn good ideas into great ones and you will never be out of stocks.

  1. Look for the questions on various posts that are yet to be answered

The various discussion forums and communities often are great sources to hunt down content topics for your team. It can be any of the social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook or forums as Quora. If you can look for it, the ideas available there are numerous.

  1. Perform a thorough competitive research

Do not ignore the virtue of good research. It includes looking for the right trends, following the right approaches to generate valuable links, looking for the right keywords that can attract traffic and what your competitors are doing to achieve success. Invest some time and you are sure to get its value.

  1. Consider your target audience and find out what they need

The prime reason for writing contents is to reach out to your target audience. Thus you must not ignore the topics they are searching for. Taking steps to increase direct engagement and asking them for suggestions can help you to gather a lot of creative ideas for your content team.

Everyone loves to learn new things and it continues to be one of the best niches to provide contents in. It can be anything from technical to non-technical topics related to your business. Apart from providing you with a wide range of content ideas to work on, it will also help you to aid your team to learn more of what they are interested in.

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