Best practices to improve your SEO reporting


Reporting SEO is an art and there are multiple practices that you can consider to improve your reporting abilities. Below mentioned are 7 best tips to help you in the process.

  1. Understand the business objectives

The first step towards the adoption of best SEO reporting practices is to understand the goals and objectives of the business and how aligned the campaigns are with those objectives. It helps in the realization of the main points for the construction of your SEO report and satisfies the client with your effort.

  1. Emphasis on organic improvements

Organic lead generation is one of the prime objectives of any SEO campaign and for this purpose; you must pay more attention to the sources generating the maximum flow of organic traffic and the behavior of the organic users on the landing pages. Include as many sections to specify all organic details and the areas to concentrate on to further influence the user activities and improve the sales rate.

  1. Visual representations

No one likes boring report formats. Make it engaging and interactive as much as possible. The days of raw data are long gone.  Using graphs, charts and images not only makes your reports interesting but also helps your clients to make quicker comprehension of the data. The more interesting you make it, the better are your chances of helping your client to devise more effective strategies to bring in business improvements.

  1. Critical analysis of the Google Analytics data

Do not just copy and paste data from Google Analytics. You have the skills to analyze and formulate strategies to improve them and give your clients a reason to pay you for that. Also, making it attractive with unique visual representations can make your client a couple of mistakes that you may have unwillingly committed.

  1. Use screenshots

Substantiate your reports with relevant screenshots. You can even use screenshots directly from Google Analytics for the reference of the client. It helps to increase the authenticity of the report. You can include any other relevant data or information you may need to support your analysis or observations.

  1. Help to develop insights, not just data

As mentioned already, raw data is not plausible enough for someone who is nontechnical. It is useless to them unless they know the techniques of drawing helpful insights. You as an SEO master can do the job for your client and believe it or not, they will love it. It will make it easier for them to understand what exactly is affecting their business performance and what steps can they take to boost it.

  1. Establish a link between the SEO campaigns and revenue flow

Try to establish a link between the increased flow of revenue and your SEO efforts. Adopting this reporting technique can help your clients to directly know the benefits of your services and also help you to gain confidence from your results.

You can refer to multiple templates to generate more ideas of reporting your SEO activities for your client.

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