How can the API-First approach benefit you?


The API-first developmental approach has been gaining an added recognition in recent times. The benefits that the API-First approach can provide you with are many. Some of the prime ones are mentioned below:

  • The ability of parallel working for the development teams

The main thing involved with the API first approach is the establishment of a contract. The teams across the organization follow the contract created between the services, thus having the ability to work on multiple APIs simultaneously. This means that the developers will not have to wait until an update for a particular API is released and can easily move on to another API. The teams are empowered with the ability to mock APIs and testing the dependencies on the basis of an established API definition.

  • Reduced app development cost

It is possible to reuse the API along with the codes on multiple projects. It is very advantageous when the developing team needs to develop a new app as it cuts down the effort of starting from scratch. It saves both time and cost. Designing the API-first also helps to solve many problems long before the code is formulated. This helps in the prevention of issues at the time of the API integration into the applications.

  • Increase market speed

Most of the API building processes can be automated by the use of various tools to import the definition files of the specific API. This is applicable for API documentation and SDKs. The tools also allow the ability of auto-generating mock APIs as well. Automating the process helps to speed up the process of developing the APIs as well as the applications. The API-First approach also allows the ability to add new technologies and services to an application without the necessity of re-architecting the system framework.

  • Reduced failure risks

APIs have found a wide range of business processes among many organizations. It ranges from sales and marketing to consumer-facing and communication applications. API thus has the capability of impacting your business parts either positively or negatively. The approach of API-first design helps to cut down the risks of failure by confirming the reliability, consistency and ease of development is available.

Developing an API-First plan

If you want to plan a program for API-First approach, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Brainstorm to recognize the main services offered by the business along with its capabilities
  2. Establish as many API stakeholders as possible to ensure the success of the initiative
  3. Outline and work on the API contract
  4. Take some time out to develop a style guide
  5. Implement well-set governance for API
  6. Automate the processes to cut down the time constraints
  7. Monitor and manage the portfolio of the API
  8. Develop an internal portal for the developers to work on

The implementation of an API-First approach helps to ensure confirm that the developers are provided with a positive experience especially due to the fact that it offers easy reusability and consistent performance.

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