Optimizing the Call-To-Action buttons – 5 simple tips for the process


Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are one of the directing pillars of any website. It enables the users to take the appropriate action to progress to the next step. But instigating them the way you want can be tough. This is where the option of optimizing the CTA buttons comes in. Below mentioned are 5 tips to help you optimize your website CTA without much difficulty.

  1. Using action-oriented verbs

The use of words plays a major role in the optimization of call-to-action buttons. Using action-oriented verbs creates a sense of urgency among the users to hit the button. Words such as ‘Call now’, ‘Buy now’, ‘Add to cart’, etc. are some of the most common CTA buttons that you can find on most websites and so far, they have been fruitful. Using such action-oriented verbs optimizes the CTA buttons in such a way that the users clearly get a message of what exactly is required for them to do and they consciously take the steps that are necessary.

  1. Keeping in prominent and legible

The prominence of the call-to-action button is one of the biggest optimization principles that can impact the click-through rates to the landing page. It must be clearly visible to the naked eyes along with the words that are written in it. Using legible fonts also helps to optimize the CTA by increasing its prominence to the users.

  1. Using contrasting colors

The use of colors is also an important factor to optimize the CTA. Contrasts create a mental influence and urge them to take the step. But using too many colors can turn it cumbersome and can ruin the click rates as well.

  1. Strategic button placement

Call to action buttons must be strategically placed so that the user does not need to find what you want them to do at a particular page. You can either place it at the bottom of the contents above the fold or at a specific place that is sure to catch the attention of the user. Including whitespace with the call-to-action button can also influence growth to traffic on your website. A market study has come up with a fact that there can be more than 10% growth of traffic flow to the CTA landing page due to the addition of whitespace.

  1. Using reverse psychology

One of the latest approaches of optimizing your CTA is to use reverse psychology. Let us take an example to explain its working in simple terms.

‘Don’t click this button if you don’t want free updates’.

Who does not want free updates? Using such a statement is one of the best ways of instigating the users to initiate the action you want them to make. You can even force them mentally to click your call-to-action button by offering them two options, for example, ‘Yes, I want more traffic’ and ‘No, I have enough traffic on my website’.

There are a lot of designing techniques as well that can help in the optimization of CTA buttons. You can research the web to know about the process.

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