10 golden rules for writing killer web content – how many do you follow?


Content is one of the prime ingredients of today’s business. But it can be tough to generate the expected traffic if the contents are not up to the quality. We have thus come up with some of the golden rules that can help you to improve the quality of your content and drive in increased traffic to your website.

  1. Using questions in titles to attract users

One of the best ways to grab hold of the attention of the readers is to poke their interest. And what can be more interesting than a question for the purpose? But there are a few factors that you must pay attention to while choosing the article title – gossips, controversies, and subjects of interest of the readers are sure to help you in driving more traffic.

  1. Paying attention to keyword richness in title

This point is quite important for the success of any SEO content. Including the keywords in the title helps the content to gain more exposure. Paying attention to the keyword richness in the title helps the content to rise up the search engine result pages (SERPs) to attract more organic traffic.

  1. Paying attention to keyword density, proximity, prominence, and frequency

There are a few important points that you must be careful about when working with target keywords. There are fixed ratios set for the use of keywords in the main body of the content. Keyword stuffing is long out of fashion and you must take a look into the essential terms such as keyword frequency, proximity, and density to increase the quality of your content.

  1. Paying attention to the length of sentences and sentence construction

No one likes long sentences. It not only destroys the quality of the content but also reduces the readability and readers tend to bounce off from your content to that of your competitors.

  1. Strict attention to plagiarism

Google pays a lot of attention to evaluating the plagiarism of the contents you offer. The use of copied contents not only creates a negative impression of your website but also gives Google a reason to push back the rank of your website in the SERPs.

  1. Consider the content length

There are minimum lengths set for each type of content that you post on the web. Be it a web page content, a blog post, an article or a press release, it is necessary to consider the word count necessary to not fall under the ‘thin content’ category.

  1. Do more research

Nothing can outrun the virtue of extended research. The more you research, the greater are the chances of improving the quality of your content. But as mentioned already, you must pay extra attention that no three consecutive words from your content are the same with any other source you are using to curate your content.

  1. Meta titles and meta descriptions

The meta titles and meta descriptions are two of the most neglected elements that can widely affect the success of your content. Using the right meta title and description for the content with inclusive keywords helps the browsers to know what the content is about and when to bring it up when a user makes a search.

  1. No sales pitch

People generally tend to look for information in your content. Using direct sales pitch in your content can push the readers away from your content. The main motive of the content is to let people know what they are looking for, not pushing them to directly make a purchase.

  1. Being clear, concise and highlighting the essentials

Keep it to the point, short and precise. It helps the readers to not only save time but also develop a sense of trust towards what you offer. Highlighting the main points also helps your readers to save time and return back to your website.

These are some of the tips and tricks that can help you to consistently raise the count of visitors to your website. But this is not the limit. As you research more to improve the quality of your content, the better the results you should expect.

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